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Spam?? Don't know what to call this

  1. I noticed that one of my pictures didn't come up right...someone added an "o" to your website (see below) so it comes up to an advertisement.
    What should I do?
    (if you drop the "o" in "wordpresso" it works out right

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No one's adding o's to our domain. Can you please give us a link to the post or page where you're having trouble?

  3. Here's the on the photo (it's the solar oven with the enchiladas being cooked and see where it should go to the photo, but it goes to a "Go Daddy" web site.

    Thanks for your help

  4. It's just the first photo there. It looks like you might have made a typo when you inserted or edited it.

    You can just edit the photo to remove the extra letter.

  5. I just removed the link...I didn't get that many hits on it anyway.
    Again, thanks for your help.
    I really enjoy this blogging program that my daughter set up for me. I enjoy all the stats and support that you provide.
    Swarm regards,

  6. You're welcome!

  7. I had 2 spam comments awaiting approval etc. One was definitely spam and I deleted it permanently; the other had me guessing. I went out of WordPress and went to the site. It is a WordPress powered site for a Dr but doesn't seem to have been used since '09. The comment made was 'great post'. That's it, two words. The site is
    I have not approved it at the moment because I'd like your thoughts on it, if any. I don't want to invite any bugs into my computer or WordPress blog. Thanks for when you get to my problem. Bruce

  8. I'd call that spam, especially if the site being linked to is somewhat business-like or scamy, even if it is a WordPress site.

  9. Thanks for your help, I'll get rid of the comment. Bruce

  10. You're welcome!

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