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Spam fest?

  1. surfaceandsurfacephotography

    I'm wondering if other WordPress blogs are experiencing a flurry of spam today? Just this afternoon there were 32 spam in the spam box and then in a space of an hour there were 17 more. All gibberish with a ramble of letters. Is something going on in the internet world for this much spam to be plastered in one day on one blog alone?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. You too? Makes me feel a tad better!

    I'm seeing all gibberish with letters, too. I'm up to 8 spam within a very short amount of time.

    I tonight I also received a rather strange email from a "pageflakes," with a widget to try. I have no idea who this person is. And I'm going to use this widget .... because...??? I don't think so!

    Perhaps this Halloween is bringing out the spam-ghouls!! (yeah .. it's been one of those days!!)

  3. 32 spam posts caught by Akismet is not exceptional. Many of us have hundreds of spams that are caught by Akismet filter every day. Simply click the "empty button" after your have reviewed them to delete them.

  4. Tonight, though, seems to be most active. I've received spam occasionally in the past, but not like today's "onslaught."

  5. As you can review the spam Akimet catches and you can click the "empty spam" button and be rid of it there's nothing more that we volunteers can help you with.

  6. Not a request for help - only a WOW!??

    Thank you!

  7. I've noticed a big jump in spam as well and it's those long messages long lists of web sites and some with Russian or Greek.

    I'm not losing any sleep over this, but when I go to the spam filter to see whats in the queue to the right of each spam message is a reference to the post that the spam is related to. All of my spam messages are related to a single post. Does anyone know if there is something about individual posts that can attract spam or if there is anything I should be doing? Should I delete the post and re post it? Or ignore the whole thing. Thanks.

  8. Mark it as spam and get on with your life.

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