Spam Fiesta Yesterday

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    Has anybody else had a Spam fiesta yesterday? I just checked my Akismet and was shocked to see 23 spam messages there and all seem to have been posted yesterday. Most of them are in the same format

    A Simple name like Evan, with an Email address evan20 [at] and a comment which makes no sense but has a link.
    A comment like this “eugkap dmpihaj”. Most of the IP’s however appear to be differnet. I reckon it’s a bot as many others have fallen prey to this

    1) Ryan::
    2) Karthik ::

    And others. Now, have you? And how does Akismet determine that these comments are spam?



    Yeah dude the spams were high i got 11 soams that day and even one crossed the akismet which you showed

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