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    Hello again.

    I just send a question a few days ago regarding the comment settings under Discussion. I keep posting IP addresses in the block list, but there is one address that keeps slipping through the filter. Today alone I received four spam comments, from the same username, but four different IP´s.
    Below I have written the four email addresses, and IP´s. Notice please, that the last IP is the one that slips through every time.

    [Removed spam e-mails and IPs]

    Hope this helps…:)
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    I’ve passed these on to our ToS team so that we can start to filter them out. Thanks for your vigilance!

    It may be preferable to report this via the “private” contact option in future so as to avoid giving further publicity to the spammers.


    I thought of that too, but there is an option – when you write to support – to make the post public. The spam filter gets 99,9% of all spam, but these ones slips right past it, time after time

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