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    I am accustomed to a few spam comments to be in my akismet spam box when I get back from the weekend – this time, however it was a doozy: 258 comments, and more are added every hour!

    Each comment is made by 1 poster (I guess it’s a bot) and is full of links and all the nice things we came to expect of a spambot. However, it is getting exceedingly hard to find anything that might “not” be spam when you have over 10 pages to cycle through.

    Since they are all made by 1 bot with an identifiable name/email address, is there any way to ban it from posting in the first place, to calm my nerves a bit?

    The blog I need help with is



    This bot has a name that always includes: servasre (and then a number)
    Email: (email redacted)



    So, all of the comments were caught by Akismet? Sounds like business as usual; what’s the actual problem? If your spam folder is full of just spam, that’s perfectly normal.

    If you want, you can blacklist that email address on your Settings->Discussion page.



    Thanks, that was what I was looking for, a blacklist.
    Problem was not that it was caught as spam, that is fine. The problem was the enormous quantity of spam that made me dizzy. Very hard to filter spam and non-spam in that case.



    @natarumah, if it helps: the comments you have reported as “not spam” recently were in fact spam. Short flattering messages from people you don’t know usually are.

    Genuine false positives are a lot less common than you’d think. Which means the Delete All Spam button is safer than you expect.



    Mmm, it does not seem to work this way; the blacklist simply makes any comments of this bot listed as spam, but that was already done.
    Is there any way to actually prevent this bot from leaving a comment in the first place, spam or not?



    As for the messages I am not sure of, I edit them to remove any links and such, just to be on the safe side.



    @tellyworth, I think that natarumah wanted to check the spam messages caught by Akismet to make sure nothing legit was there. With so many spam messages (258) it made it difficult to do so.

    What I’ve found is that those spam comments disguised as “nice comments” don’t even include links to sites anymore in the body of the message. The “catch” is either their email or the website address they leave behind. I just dump those with the other spam.

    @natarumah-you are right. You can’t actually ban someone from leaving a comment, you can only either hold it for moderation or banish it to Akismet.

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