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    Over the last few weeks the majority of the spam on my blog has come from one address – Is everyone else seeing the same thing?
    I have sent in a feedback suggesting it be blocked, but I would be interested to see if anyone else is experiencing this.



    Haven’t seen too much from that IP, but in the meantime, head to Admin => Options => Discussion and put that IP on the “blacklist” at the bottom of your page for now to stop it.




    I have – it is just clogging up my akismet with stuff I feel obliged to check before I delete. Maybe it is just me.



    Got it in my router logs but not blocked or anything. Middle of Russia.

    edit: Never mind. If I can drop the IP address into Google and it shows up folks talking about it instead of just being on a list somewhere, it must be a problem.



    I tried this before, and got a bizarre in ineffectual “solution” which did nothing. Let me guess…..the solution is this:

    1 – Ban the domain name itself NOT the IP address

    When that proves to be completely useless…..

    2 – A “sorry you’re being spammed, but we’re doing all we can” type email.


    Call me cynical, but and the corporate stats of Akismet seem to love spammers. The subliminal message to spammers is “hey, we won’t ban your IP, no matter what you do……so bombard us if you like”.

    Add to this, I tried to raise this in the forums, and it got nowehere….in fact, people started to get a little annoyed at my campaign to improve things, so I gave up. I suspect this thread will get the same result as I got… change.

    My attempt at improvement:

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