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Spam in Art and Photo Topics

  1. WordPress, you are being spammed...

    Over the past few days, a large number (and I'm speaking of hundreds a day) of videos are posted in the Art and Photo topics. Invariably, the text is about selling paints and equipment and, also, without fail, the videos do not work.

    The bloggers are singularly identifiable through multiple usernames in the following manner:


    The above were C/P'd from only 20 minutes of Reader scrolling in the Art topic.

    Now that we cannot remove such spam ourselves, I hope reporting it in this manner is allowable.


  2. Please report all spam blogs you find in the Topics section by using this link which I suggest bookmarking. I tagged this thread so Staff will be aware that removing the report spam link from the "new dash" ought to be reconsidered.

  3. Now we can no longer report or even block blogs in the Reader it has made it impossible to scroll the Reader for 'genuine' post.s Well done WordPress, you have given spammers free reign as can be seen in the Art topic. The Reader is just a place for spam now and is best avoided. WordPress itself is now best avoided too, and I for one am deserting this sinking ship after the most ridiculous 'update' in the history of ridiculous updates!

  4. @tt

    Thanks again. Next time I'll post any similar occurrences in the 'spam' topic forum rather than 'Support'.

    Re: the 'report-spam link' would be problematic since the spammer is flooding the Reader using a variable username with each post (as the opening post suggests) but I will bookmark the link for individuals.


  5. Thanks for letting me know. I will report both issues to the teams responsible so they can investigate.

  6. I just wanted to let everyone know that it's once again possible to report spam from the Reader.

  7. I noticed, Kathryn. Good news. I also noticed those particular spammers have moved on to other pastures. :D

  8. Glad to hear it. :-) Battling spammers is a high priority for us and an ongoing effort.

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