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Spam in dahsboard??

  1. I have problems with the latest Firefox browser so I switched back to IE 9. For Vista, that's the most recent IE browser I can haz. Now everytime I open a WP Dashboard, a message field (not a pop-up!) screams at me in red hot that I use an outdated, unsafe IE browser. I can ignore it of course, but I just wonder why this comes up. Vista isn't THAT prehistoric. Or is this sort of an integrated Windows ad?

  2. That definitely shouldn't appear for IE 9, unless you haven't updated it recently. Check Windows Update just to be sure.

  3. I get updates for Vista regularly and succesfully, I don't see any specific 'IE 9 update', so I assume the browser updates are included.

    IE 9 works well by the way. Better than the last two versions of Firefox I had.

    The real problem is, I guess, that the warning appears only in WP Dashboard, and nowhere else on the net...
    Shall I inform headquarters?

  4. I just found out that IE 9 has a successor; IE 10, but I cannot download that one, it only works in Windows 7. Makes the warning certainly odd, don't you think?
    Could this be something malignent?

  5. IE 10 isn't officially released yet, so that shouldn't make a difference. We'll see what we can do about getting the browser notice to be more accurate.

    For now, you'll have to click the Dismiss link.

  6. O, wait... 'Dismiss', I didn't see that.
    I clicked it, it disappeared, and when I open the dashboards of my other 4 weblogs, I see that the notice has gone there too.

    Well, that solves it. Thanks, macmanx.

  7. Yes. To be sure, I logged out, logged in again, and it is gone.

  8. You're welcome!

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