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Spam in the Forums

  1. Is anyone checking to see what sort of content is finding its way into the forums?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What do I do if I see spam in the forums?
    Spam is a violation of our forums code of conduct. If you see it you can add a tag that says ‘spammer’ to the thread, and another that says ‘modlook’ to make sure staff see the spam so we can remove it.

    If you see it, feel free to tag it as suggested. Don't wait for someone else to do it.

  3. It really shouldn't be necessary to add two tags, should it? Staff should always search the Spammer tag.

  4. @raincoaster,

    The modlook tag has many topics staff should look at.

    The spammer tag is helpful when there is a a spammer with only one or two posts. The spammers with 20 or 50 or 80 posts are quite obvious and very fast at posting so the spammer tag is extraneous.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that anyone can also report a blog as spam by going to the site and reporting it.
    If the blog is blank be sure to mention that it has been spamming the forums. This won't take the spam away immediately, but is an alert that there is a problem.

  5. But the Modlook tag summons both staffers and volunteer moderators, and it gives the same prominence and priority to routine spam deletion as well as actual hacker worries and crises. There should be a way to prioritize that.

  6. Yes, "modlook" is prioritized. But "spammer" is a quick tag to check—a scan of the forums when someone is here for the main purpose of solving users' problems, thus easily taken care of. Keep in mind that volunteer moderators don't spend all day here, and when there are lots of modlooks, it's efficient to find the spammers with that optional tag.

  7. So, I shouldn't bother using Modlook, I should just use Spammer?

  8. Or both.
    Modlook has priority for staff.
    Spammer is quick for volunteer moderators.

  9. Okay, good. I don't think the modlook tag should be muddied with routine stuff like spammers. It'll keep things more efficient.

  10. You're a good woman Charlie Brown!

  11. Spammer is quick for volunteer moderators.

    And who are they, now that you became staff?

  12. Personally, I don't really care who has the keys to the backroom, as long as the tag is moderated and the troublemakers removed. I'm still scratching my head why dealing with the multi-post offenders has to be done manually.

  13. Clearing up the multi-post spam is certainly something we all agree on! No one benefits when the forums are full of call-girls and sports-guys.

  14. This is a weird one, I got 2 likes on my newest post, and I think one of them liked it even before I published it, how can the be? Also, when I click on their avatar/link there is only a gravatar profile, no blog at all, there are links to sites selling stuff, I think, I didn't click on them. Is there any way of deleting them from my "like" section? I wouldn't like for one of my readers to be led onto a site that might be hazardous. My blog address is:


    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  15. @PsiFiGal,

    Please start a new thread with this new topic. Hijacking threads make the forums difficult to use, sort of like a gap in the time/space continuum.

    Note: you can check out other threads on the topic of "likes"

  16. Surely you can do something about the 'Mumbai Call Girls' spammer! How can we trust the site if this garbage leaks through unfiltered?

  17. Please see my earlier reply to you. Perhaps you overlooked it.

  18. Sorry but that is a nonsense response. The forum is full of sex spam, surely WordPress should be stopping it?

  19. @apetcher - We forum volunteers are quite aware of the problem and have discussed this with Staff previously both by email and in the forums. Unfortunately, there appears to be some kind of difficulty in stopping it.

  20. If you find the forum provides you only what you consider to be nonsense, there is a whole internet out there you can search. It will not return you the correct answers, but it might return you answers you prefer.

  21. Hi Andrew,

    No one considers this problem "nonsense." We all take it seriously.

    The matter in question with robotic, prolific spammers is not being ignored by either the volunteers or the staff. No one wants to visit the forums looking for advice only to be bombarded with post after post of useless spam. We all want these forums to useful.

    There are people working to solve this issue. And seeing all of that junk is offensive on many levels. Apparently there are technical matters involved, which frankly I do not understand.

    Please feel free to post a question whenever you need help with your site. Staff and volunteers know how to find questions from our users.

    Allow me to recommend using the Support Documents as well when you want to find information about using this platform.

  22. Thanks tessl8, I assumed that WP would be working on it!

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