Spam inundation in effect

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    In case y’all haven’t noticed, we’re currently getting slammed with spam. Two of my blogs have gotten ten spam comments in the last few minutes alone, and NONE of them, even the one from a viagra merchant with VIAGRA ONLINE in the comment as a live link to a VIAGRA ONLINE site, were caught by Akismet.

    Go home, Akismet, you are drunk.

    The blog I need help with is



    I mean, honestly:

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    “Louis Vuitton Outlet” commented on my post? Wow, that must be legit.



    I bet you reported this already, right?


    I’m getting warnings that Akismet is overwhelmed and is temporarily holding comments for moderation, and will check them again later.

    I’m up to more than 12k messages in the spam folder on one of my blogs! (

    Does anybody know whether there’s a disk quota or some other hard limit that will cause a crash or other problem if this folder gets too big?



    A blog that is hosted here will not crash because of that. It will not crash because of spammer traffic or DDoS either.


    Member is down. That would explain it.



    I get way less spam than the posters here – but while I was at the grocery store got a notification that a comment was in moderation (and I got the email when I got home) – I could tell even in the App that it was spam – but a half hour later when I got home and went to that blog – the spam had been set back to the spam folder – so maybe Akismet is back up

    At only about 140 spam a day on my main site with most of it caught by Akismet I feel a bit like an under performing something



    Yeah, we’re working on a partial API failure with Akismet, our spam-filtering service. Once we get everything back to 100%, it’ll recheck everything pending.


    Thanks raincoaster, good to know.


    Thanks kraftbj too!



    The API is starting to return to normal; as it does, the comments in moderation will automatically be checked. No need to manually mark them as spam.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.



    If interested, you can read our after-action report at

    Thanks all and have a happy Thanksgiving for all of us in the States.



    A bit of perspective – Akismet last year was squashing 1,200 spam per second and I imagine the volume is up this year

    Over 60 billion spams squashed



    Speaking of spam.

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