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    I am suddenly receiving massive amounts of spam. Most was going to Akismet filter, but now suddenly it’s not being caught. What’s up with the sudden spike in spam?

    The blog I need help with is



    We have no idea what’s up but please do mark any spam that seeps through as spam so Akismet will be alerted to it the next time a spam wave arrives. For interest sake did you know that over 80% of all comments sent to blogs on this domain are actually spam? It’s the sad truth and spammers are always inventing new ways to slip their unwanted garbage in. That’s why we bloggers have such an important role to play when it comes to marking any spam that slips through as spam.



    OOPS! I just clicked the link to your blog and found you are referring to a WordPress.ORG install. I assumed you were referring to a free hosted WordPress.COM blog as those are the only blog we provide support for here. May I suggest that you use this Akismet contact link to report your issue?

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