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Spam is getting through

  1. Yep, just thought I would ask everyone else if they are getting spam, it is not getting cought by Akismet.

    Ok, another feedback I guess.


  2. Yes, I'm seeing quite a bit tonight.

  3. mark it as spam so Akismet can catch it later

  4. Yep. They seem to be increasing daily.

  5. Saturday night where I live which may be Sunday where you live is always a big spam night. In fact from what I can tell spammers seem to intensify their assaults on weekends. You can delete the spam yourself or leave it there and in 15 days it will be "purged".

  6. i think this week I also got porn and penis pump stuff. lol

    There's a lot of it about.

    Keep marking it.

  8. Yeah I mark it as spam when I get it...

    Question: what is ham?

    I know I sound ignorant! :)


  9. Ham is the good stuff - the real comments.

    I have no idea why it's called ham though - seems confusing to me.

  10. I hate doing it, but I'm getting a lot of spam, so I've changed the filter. Anyone comment that has a link in the post is held back for moderation.

  11. There seems to be a new type of spam, always with a fake Yahoo email address and incorporating a state of the US in the linked blog site. Many of these seem to get by Akismet, as they never use any of the words which might trigger a filter. Reluctantly I have put moderation on all my comments.

  12. Akismet is catching those now - at least on my blog. The more we mark them as spam, the better it works. They were getting thru last night.

  13. achickenineverygrannycart

    ham is called ham, b/c spam is a bad approximation of ham, therefore, what you want to eat, and what you want to get on your blog is ham
    spam is good for no one ;-)

  14. You can blog about it too. :)

  15. For the first time, spam got through as a regular comment. It was for swingers sex. The IP number is

  16. Yeah, I saw some spam get through from the guy, which was surprising since he's the biggest offender and he hasn't changed anything about his strategy (other than maybe his IP).

  17. On my site, if I designate a post as spam, and thus it is removed, is that enough notification, or should I notify someone else? I had a fair amount of spam through the night, which I have deleted.

  18. Writenow, make it as spam and then delete it from the Akismet page. A report to Akismet is made when you mark it as spam though.

    The address is assigned to an internet company called Sympatico out of Canada. They're known for looking the other way when it concerns spammers.

  19. I had some spam get through for the 1st time today aswell. I was quite surprised it wasn't caught since it was:

    nzdsdodb | | IP:


    lzdiwqfkxe wlcwzzpb mlauqveho…

    which is kinda obvious.

  20. Ahh yes and which part is it again that makes it obviously spam?

  21. Was wondering that as well. Neither the IP nor the doamin name hit any of my lists and there's nothing in the content to set off any flags which the scanning machoine would be able to pick up on.

    Granted, anyone looking at it would call it spam but I doubt a machine would.

  22. I get alot of the jhhsfdhguhrjgns type of spam too. I also get that in emails. Strange!

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