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spam issue

  1. kevinfromcanada

    The latest spam attack that Akismet has not yet caught up with is all directed at one post on my blog. Is there a way that I can temporarily put that post into holding off-line until Akismet has it figured out? I don't want to delete it permanently, but I am getting dozens of spam messages every day.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no such feature. The post is either public, private ot password protected and those are your only choices. If you were self hosting a install it would be common for your to have hundreds of spam comments and even thousands.

  3. kevinfromcanada

    Actually, last week Akismet informed that they had deleted my 100,000 spam comment. So I know there are a lot of them.

    I also appreciate that the bots keep coming up with new work-arounds and it takes a while for Akismet to catch up -- I was just looking for a way to bridge the gap. I guess that I just sacrifice the post or patiently wait.

    And while I am here, let me offer the thumbs up to Aksimet. I've only been blogging for three and a half years -- already they have saved me from more than 100,000 "delete" instructions.

  4. Why on earth would you sacrifice a post? Over 805 of all so-called comments submitted to blogs every day are spam. Akismet catches the spam for you. You quickly scan and "unspam" andy false positives and move on to your blogging.

  5. Edit: "805 " was meant to be "80%"
    Please read "5 things every blogger should know wbout spam" on this page >

  6. All of a sudden I am being over run with spam. Is there any reason for this? I am getting 20-30 a day and is there anyway I can stop it. They are all going to two post I have made. SR

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