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spam links from the USA

  1. transsibtickets

    how to delete spam links "no-follow"? A German help forum told me to do this:

    function strip_nofollow($ret) {
    $ret = str_replace("rel='external nofollow'","rel='external'", $ret);
    return $ret;
    add_filter('get_comment_author_link', 'strip_nofollow');

    This is, they say, to be introduced at any php.function. But there is no such function we could find.

    Besides, who gives any idiots in the USA the right to overload our website with "nofollow-links"?? We think about bringing them to US court.
    Blog url:

  2. transsibtickets

    this I wrote to blog@hubspot right now:


    Dear Sirs,

    Google told us that you put a lot of "nofollow"-links on our website
    which has a negative effect facing our 1.000s of visitors.

    We give you the opportunity to declare what caused you
    to damage and destroy our website

    until 28.09.2012, 18 h MST.

    Should we hear nothing from you, I am going to bring this
    case to US court.

    Yours faithfully
    -Attorney at Law-"

  3. @transsibtickets
    This blog is a free hosted blog. blogs and installs for self hosting are not the same. Read this please >

    Do-follow comment links do pass on PageRank.
    No-follow comment links do NOT pass on PageRank.

    Today many blogs and content management systems, including WordPress, Blogger (Blogspot blogs), Typepad and most of the main blogging platforms have no-follow links enabled by default on comments and to change the links to do-follow links that pass PageRank action must be taken. On WordPress installs a plugin must be installed. On Blogger (Blogspot blogs) you have to download your blog template’s HTML source code and remove the rel=”nofollow” in the comments area. On blogs there is no FTP access and we cannot install plugins.

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