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    How do I find out what it is that makes my blog look like a spam magnet? When I created it, I tried to follow all the instructions correctly. I know you all are busy. If any of you get some downtime, please take a look at my blog. Thanks.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Squidoo, your URL, related links, an unreasonable amount of outgoing links: all these things make your blog look like a spam blog and therefore increase your attractiveness to spammers.

    This post, for instance: is a classic example. It appears to be affiliate content.

    Suite101 links, by the way, are almost certainly banned here under the Terms of Service. You may want to review those.


    Thanks you for this response “raincoaster”. Very nice of you to take your time to clarify and point out what I am doing wrong. The entries I have posted will remain as they are, unless I’m specifically contacted by the WP administrators to remove them OR if they simply shut my blog down, in which case, I won’t have to take any action. Though you refer to a specific post, fact is: ALL THE COMMENTS GO TO SPAM!! I’ve been UN-Spamming, since I started this blog. I fished practically all the comments out of the trash, approved them and replied back. Cause I was thinking – maybe they’re real people. Who knows? :)



    If you don’t want an answer to the question, don’t ask it.



    All blogs attract much spam, but Akismet catches 99.99% of it – except if you unspam it like you’ve done: then you’ll keep getting spam from the same sources under different names. You really think that users such as “driving test california”, “download pro flight simulator” or “generic cialis online” are real users commenting? or that the generic what-a-great-blog type of bullshit that has no relation to the actual content of your posts is genuine comments?


    Thanks everybody for chiming in on this. Your “two cents” is worth a lot! This matter has been resolved for me by a member of WP Support.



    As you created this thread note that yu can enter thr top of this thread and mark it “resolved”.





    Thanks! :)

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