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    Some spam is not filtered by WordPress app. Can you help me? TKS



    Seems this is happening a lot tonight. Has something changed? I’m seeing spam get thru that has been caught previously.



    You may have been at the beginning of a spam run where they weren’t being tagged as Spam as of yet. Maybe sure you tag them as Spam though so a report is generated.



    In the last two days I have had (on my self hosted blog) 35 spam comments not picked up by Akismet and 438 that were stopped by Akismet. 438!

    I was trying to figure it out too, but like drmike says, it’s probably a run by a “new” spammer not getting caught completely by Akismet yet.

    Mark them as spam en-masse and it will help everyone in the long run. :)



    Yeah, they’re using “new” words that haven’t been filtered, like “credit-card-debt”, etc. Just remember to update your common spam words filter from



    Also, Akismet went down. Can’t have helped.



    Thanks for the comments. I did mark them all as spam.


    Ah, I’ve noticed the same thing. Been getting a lot of trackback spam from “Kim” from (n+1 is an increasing number). I marked it as spam but a day later it still goes through.

    Odd thing is, a comment with that same info gets blocked. Only trackbacks pass through. Do comments and trackbacks have separate filters?



    Same here … i had few hunndreds of spams in last days, with hotel and credit-card stuff, and more. I erase them, marking them as spam, and they put another on other posts. It’s like the race, who wins. I hope that filtering is working now.



    Kind of strange on the there as I’m not showing it as a registered domain.



    Have received a few spam from the same IP: 32567 Blog Verification. It just changes the number in front each time to by pass Akismet.

    Watch out people.

    I don’t know what will happen if the link to the spam is clicked, and I am worried about computer viruses awaiting there.



    You have updated your virus sig file today, correct? :)



    I haven’t actually….oops. I normally rely upon auto-update. Thanks, drmike, will do so.

    (I just want to warn people here not to click the Blog Verification link if you see one.)


    it’s oops :)



    That’s coming out of space. They support spammers. Don’t even bother complaining about it. It’s a waste of time. Just delete it and move on.

    Edit: Complaint sent to Google Adsense though


    what, it gets annoying to delete it when it comes every minute though.

    someone else helped add that url to the list of blocked urls, so now they all go automatically to akismet.



    Heads up! There is a new wave of spam today coming in as comments from google review and comments. It has absolutely no text just the phrase “google review and comments”. Do not approve it. Deep six it. It has been reported and admin is on top of it but there will always be another wave. Update your virus protection ladies and gents as drmike prescribes and be cautious.

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