spam on My Dashboard?

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    Hi, I sent 3 contact support emails but I do not know if they went through as I am not
    trusting my dashboard or my tool bar at this point. My problem is that I have a list of
    10 sites listing under My Dashboard and New Post. They are NOT mine. They all
    seem to relate to Rhode Island and seems spam-like. Anyone else having this problem or
    am I the only one. I have not heard back from customer support so I am concerned. Any details
    you can supply would be great.
    (If need be I was able to copy the sites but won’t give them the satisfaction of listing
    them here.)



    That’s really weird. I’ve never seen the before. Wait to hear feedback.



    Did you ever get any emails inviting you to be a member/admin of the spam blogs? If someone invites you to join a blog it will show up on your dashboard.



    You can also email, if you want to steer clear of WordPress-hosted tools entirely.

    I vaguely remember something like this from back maybe three months ago, but can’t find it anywhere. The fellow signed in and was taken to the dashboard for a completely different blog, one he didn’t like and hadn’t seen before.



    What I’m getting recently is spam masquerading as comments on very old blog posts that I did not close the comments on. But I remember the post rain is referring to. I couldn’t find the thread in the search box so maybe it was one of those cases of someone going off topic and the thread not being titled and tagged for off-topic retrieval. I’m also sure it took intervention by sysadmin to figure it out and put an end to it.



    Engtech, Raincoaster and Timethief,
    I thank you all for your feedback.
    I never answered anyone’s invitation.
    I also get spam as comments on old posts. Akismet usually catches it and I am ok.
    Recently – same day as my other problem, I recieved 3 emails (spam comments) to my
    personal address. But when I logged onto WordPress there were no indications of these
    comments – strange.
    Barry from Tech support said he was looking into it and it is resolved for me. But I was
    wondering if anyone else had similar problems – it seems like the answer is no.
    Thanks again though for you help.

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