Spam or botz or what? NOT Urgent

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    Hi All,
    A strange thing just happened to me and I’m not sure why.
    I created a post in Blogdesk, then sent it to my blog
    I then signed into WP and went to my dashboard. Here is where I noticed that I had 2 comments pending. Nothing unusual there as one comment is pending and one comment is brand new. The strange thing is that the new comment is attached to the new post, not 30 seconds later (or however it took for me to log into WP.
    I guess I am wondering if this is a spam comment, or autogenerated, or a botz(???) thingy.
    It looks like a feed comment but I cannot tell for sure.

    How does a comment get attached so quickly? Is it a feed comment? or spam? Is there a way to know for sure? I went to the whois IP address but I do not recognize it at all.
    Any help understanding is appreciated.
    Thanks for explaining.



    You post. You ping pingomatic which pings other services.
    Bots watch these and when they see a new post they send in a spam.



    Hi Mark,
    So, to understand, my post is automatically spammed when/if I used pingoat which sends updates to other sites causing spam to attched to new/any posts? Is that right?
    I have not pinged to pinggoat for days, but I guess the damage is done now. Is this not a good service to be using then?
    To resolve the issue, I just need to allow akismet to know it’s spam then right? (By marking it as spam) or putting the ISP in the box under Option>Discussions>Comment Blacklist. right?



    Sorry, One more thing: so I can feel confident that this is not from someone who uses a feed to my site, then even if I do not know them? (true?)



    Hi Mark, I also just noticed that all my Akismet Spam (10 of them) just disappeared from the Comments>Akismet Spam area (moderation) which I was going to view and add to the Comment Blocked area. I thought they would remain there for a bit as I commented here, but to no avail.
    Yes they were Spam and Akismet seems to be doing it’s job, but it gave me no time to add the ISP’s to the Blocked Comment section as I normally do.
    How long can I see these SPam comments before they are auto-deleted?



    WordPress automatically pings pingomatic when you post. Using pingoat yourself is just a back-up procedure.

    Yes, just mark it as spam, and Akismet will eventually learn (you may have to do it more than once with comments from the same author).

    The disappearance of your spam in Akismet is a problem that has been discussed on the forum for a while now. Just search for Akismet and spam, and you’ll find plenty of frustrated people. I would recommend sending a feedback to staff on that one.



    Thanks Judy, I will send feedback. But I cannot prove anything as the SPAM comments are gone now. Seemed to happen to quickly though, so I will tell them that.

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