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spam or not spam

  1. I keep getting comments from somebody with a name Ko Yem Binjai. This person never really dropped links to his/her blog -- this person made the link to his/her blog looked like a pingback. But it's not a pingback.

    this person's other comments never meant anything other than random letters typed and submitted to my blog posts, like "GJDMA WMDAKGJJ'

    and the last comment this person wrote me was, "V'.

    Is this person a spammer or what? I really have no idea.

  2. spammer or loony. Same thing.

  3. most likely a spam

  4. Spammer. For sure. If the user has a blog, please let us know, and we will take the appropriate action.

    Otherwise, you can blacklist all comments from those pesky users from Settings -> Discussion.

    Spam sucks, we know.

  5. I often get same one that starts with the word "Antipopulist" and a bunch of jibberish,
    occasionally it gets to the comment moderation. Always has different links.

    Someone mentioned these gibberish words are used to somehow boost keywords.
    Anyhow, just keep sendin them to the spam folder, until akismet figures it out.

  6. I keep getting diaper pantyhose porn spam. Can you think of a less practical combination than diapers and pantyhose? Maybe diaper, pantyhose, jumpsuit, pullover, ski suit.

  7. All of a sudden my Akismet is catching went from 1 to 10 and I only have 1 in my spam do I know these where not good comments...I have been searching and I see others have had this problem and there is no way to check the comment? Any one else having this problem today?

  8. I was just about to report the spammers blog but was not sure. Now I'm reporting the spammer to WP.

    Thanx guys! You're lovely!

  9. @30yrdem, don't worry so much about it. As you get more traffic to your blog, you will get more spam.

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