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    I am still receiving hundreds of spam-mails a day, all coming from the same IP ( Why are they not deleted / filtred automatically ? I always thought Akismet had a certain “learning effect”.

    When I click on “empty spam” it almost crashes my browser, because there are so much LOL. Happends every day or at least week…

    Merry christmas

    The blog I need help with is



    Did your mark them for Amismet as spam? Otherwise Akismet will never learn.



    Hi there, If spam comments are making it to your site’s Pending comments folder, please continue to mark them as spam and Akismet will learn. There is also a “Check for Spam” button in WP Admin which searches for spam in the Pending comments folder so you don’t need to manually review each one

    If you set your notifications to receive emails on all comments, then for the interim you may want to disable that. You can do so here: under “E-mail me whenever.” Remember to save your settings.

    Since I see you’ve posted about this before, I’ll go ahead and tag this for Staff attention as well.



    Hey @staartmees I needed to refresh first but thanks for your help.



    Hi there,

    Those comments are likely making it through because other people are marking them as not spam, but if you consistently spam them Akismet will learn to filter them out.

    In this case, though, you might also want to add the IP those comments are coming from to your comments blacklist at My Site ->Settings ->Discussion. Normally we wouldn’t recommend blocking an IP, as that can block other people as well, but it this case it should save you checking the comments manually.

    As for emptying the spam folder, I’d suggest you just leave it – spammed comments are automatically deleted after 30 days, so you don’t need to manually empty the spam folder yourself.

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