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  1. maggieannthoeni

    Your changed \'support contact\' format doesn\'t have a way to \'narrow the field\' on topics?

    I assume you still want \'spam referrer\' urls (although in the last week they\'ve not had time to tally many counts before someone removes them --- for which I thank you!!)

    This one showed up Wednesday afternoon and is starting it\'s Thursday \'run\'.

    [spam URL removed]


    (Do you still want these? Have you considered a dedicated contact link for us to report these?)

    Thanks again!
    Blog url:

  2. We definitely still want these, but we don't have a direct reporting method ready yet.

    I’ve passed this on to our team so that we can start to filter them out.

    In the future, please contact us via and file a private request (if the option presents itself) to report these, as we don’t want to provide any further publicity for the spammers.

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