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    When is WordPress going to get off its collective ass and devise a method by which to block spam sites from listing themselves as referrers on WordPress blogs? It’s really getting annoying and I find it more than a little idiotic that WordPress has literally come up with nothing to prevent this.

    The blog I need help with is



    They are blocking them one at a time as they are reported to them. The more frequently you report them, the sooner they’ll be put on the blacklist and banned from all WP stats.



    how can we report spam referrers?


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    Report them to support staff



    How so? The form is very confusing to me.



    Click this link and complete the support ticeket so Staff will then receive the information



    … I do not know how to complete this form since the categories mean sweet $expletive all to me. I do not see a category where it fits.



    Hi There!

    You could use the “Links” Category then just write in the field why you are contacting them then paste all the spam links from your stats then click the submit button…



    Use GENERAL if you don’t see a category that fits.


    This is a recent problem which kicked in on 10th August 2010, correlating exactly with when Cutline was switched out for Coraline.

    I see no spam referrers before that date, and multiple spam referrers every day since.

    I’m therefore wondering if this reflects a backroom process which was implemented along with that theme change. The timing is precisely coincident.



    I saw spam referrers for a long while before that. Perhaps a month. They show up better on blogs which have less traffic, and sadly mine has been in the toilet since May.



    Argh! Glad to know WP now wants them reported to support – just frustrated as earlier I was told via support ticket – don’t bother, we’re on it, don’t need all this… So, will now start snowing them under… @ roads of stone and raincoaster – actually, my blog was new to WP late May, and I’ve been buried in spam referrers since the first week – as best I can tell doing the maths every day (stats minus spam count) I have typically 20 – 30 hits a day, half or more of which are spam (winewomantravel blog). I recently began working on a commercial blog established a year ago typically 40 – 60 hits a day with spikes over a hundred on new post days – and not one spammer. So, can’t figure logic of who catches it. I’m on 2010 theme, commercial blog was MistyLook and we converted to 2010 in July, so no connection there, apparently. Thanks for update raincoaster.

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