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Spam site hosted at itself!

  1. Dear WP staff:

    Akismet is doing a really wonderful job keeping my blog free of comment spam (I currently get over 3,000 per month).

    I've now been getting several comment spams linking to a "front site" that is hosted at itself!

    front site:
    which is a front leading to:

    I think WP should take down the front site immediately. Is there a specific place where I'm supposed to report this kind of thing?

    Thank you,
    Henk van Setten @ stayontop

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you go onto any site, in the admin bar, if you hover over the blog name, a dropdown bar will appear. Just click on report, and choose the appropriate option, and give a little explanation, then press submit report, and the blog will be investigated.

    You can also submit a report here:

  3. Thank you for pointing the way, Daniel! I didn't know that... Marked this as "resolved" now.

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