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Spam subscribers

  1. I am getting swamped with "followers" who have Gravatars and blogs, but they seem no better than spam. Most of their blogs, if they exist are copied poetry and photos. They never engage, don't seem to have followers engaging them on their sites. I have to conclude that they are just gaming the system for traffic and income?

    Is there a way to mark gravatars and entire blogs as spam? I know I'm not the only one seeing thins.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you can mark blogs and gravatars as spam, if you believe them to be, and Staff will take a look. They may not find them to be actually spam sites, but at least you've brought it to their attention. You can report by going to the blog, and hovering over the blog name in the admin bar, and then click Report, or use this form:

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