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Spam Trackbacks

  1. clasticdetritus

    I woke up this morning to ~100 trackback/pingback messages in my e-mail. But ,they were all spam. Typically, Askimet finds these ... what's different? I went into to comment moderation and flagged them all as spam ... by the time I was done, there was another 10 new ones!

    Unfortunately, I'm about to leave for 2 weeks away from a computer ... I'm worried these are going to clog up my e-mail such that I'll have problems.

    If anyone else has the same problem, maybe Askimet needs to be updated?


  2. Can someone please turn Akismet back on? :)

    Yeah, it's horrible for me as well.

  3. If you add "/wp-content/" under options >> discussions >> whatever that spam option is then you can block them.

  4. Man, this is getting ridiculous. I've killed so many trackbacks today.

  5. Something must happened because I had the same problem since 2nd of April...

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