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Spam traffic

  1. jeremiahandrews

    Has anyone noticed in the last week the massive amounts of spam coming through the system. I mean, Akismet is working really well at corralling junk mail for easy disposal, today alone I think I cleared out 100 spam mail from my box. Who ever is collecting data and disseminating spam into wordpress is working at warp speed...

    I just wonder how many more of us have seen this growing trend?


  2. Before, Akismet used to display ALL the spam it stopped, and it was nothing for me to get four hundred a day. Then it went through a period where it didn't seem to display any at all. Now it's somewhere in the middle. I can't say whether this is because of an increase in spam or an alteration to the way the spam is dealt with (display/hide).

  3. Did you see it hit 12,000,000 stopped in one day?

    That's like 138 a second

  4. I only had four comments labeled as spam yesterday, but two were actual comments from friends. Today it says it stopped 12 messages, but they were deleted before I had a chance to see them. Is there a setting where I can review spam before deleting it? I don't know why I was able to look through it yesterday but not today.

  5. No, there isn't. And believe me, we've requested it till we're blue in the face. You used to be able to review what Akismet stopped, but no more.

  6. Yeah, I'm getting killed by this on one of my client's blogs -- 300 yesterday & the blog is set up to disallow comments! So what's with getting comments when none should be premitted, especially 300 spams?

  7. *chuckle* You have clients and you can't read the "Please read me first before posting" labeled sticky? Boy, i feel sorry for them. :)


  8. Guess not, but they are all happy souls. As I am, since despite any blunders I may have made, this forum alerted me to Akismet, which has been a godsend... So I got what I wanted, my clients are happy, and I apologize for any discomfort I may have caused in protocol... on the other hand, I want full credit for any chuckles enjoyed at my expense ;-)

    Oh, I might mention too that these are non-profit, pro-bono clients with long time WordPress blogs and they've been very happy -- thanks for the great software.

  9. Happy little souls. :)

    I host a fair number of non-profits as well. Seems like I get my share of girl scouts. They never send me any cookies though. :(

  10. Looks like they have gone back to the old way - no spam for weeks and now 4 pages of it.

  11. Mmmmm - I think Akismet is deleting my legit comments - before I get a chance to see them. Been told comments were posted and no sign of them anywhere. While my akismet total has increased significantly - but no chance of seeing what was there. Not nice at all.

  12. We've been told that anything tagged as a spam attached to a post older than 30 days will get autodeleted.

  13. Weighing in on the opposite side of the issue I don't want to receive comments on posts that are over 30 days old because I've yet to receive a single one yet that wasn't spam. When the Akismet update was done IMO all was well (comments on post over 30 days old were given the deep six) but lately spam is increasing again.

  14. I get comments all the time on pimpmyblog and that's over 30 days old.

    I need to do a post on proper categloging...

  15. I have not changed my position one single iota - I want the option of closing every post over 30 days old to comments. This was one of the innovative features of the Akismet update that I celebrated.

    You intend to post on proper cataloguing in the blogosphere like perhaps using LC subject headings - lol - you've got to be kidding. In the cyberworld how is "proper" defined and by whom?

  16. Well that MLS does give me some street cred. :)

  17. I love having all my Spam back! Now I can rescue all the old false positives again. Yay!

  18. @drmike
    MLS has lots of credibility with me. I'm a library technician as well as being a paralegal. :)

    I don't share your experience. In the last 11 months I have retrieved only 5 false positive comments from the spam filter and none of them were comments on posts that were over 30 days old.

  19. Hello time!

    It would be great if we could choose our Akismet devils by turning them on and off using the 30-Day window -- sort of like we can do for Snap!

  20. IMO the turning on and off feature when it comes to Akismet isn't likely to happen on a multi-user blogging platform. We don't have individual Akismet plugins for each blog at The updated version of the Akismet plug-in that we all share here incorporated a feature which was booting only comments that appeared to be spam that were directed at posts over 30 days old. I celebrated that inclusion. However, I don't want to get into another long and drawn out harangue on the subject so I won't be posting on it again.

  21. Love the Spam. Be the Spam. The Spam I am. I do not like green eggs and ham.

  22. Hate the spam. Love only ham. Spam dragon I am.

  23. Why do I get a picture in my mind of TT standing in front of us at WordCamp singing that...

  24. WordPress seems to be going down the crapper imo.

  25. @brentroos:
    so vote with your feet...

  26. judyb12 --

    Do you mean "feet" or "fingers?" SMILE!

  27. Hah! I know, not a good analogy :-)

  28. Given Brent's avatar, I'm not about to get metaphorical here. I get deleted enough.

    In any case, I wish I had my spam options back. Veddy annoying not to be able to look through it. One poor commenter keeps getting Spammed and I can't unspam him. This has been going on for months.

  29. I was referring to my frustrations with changes that have appeared without notice or explanation --this being one of them.

    I get many false positives in my spam, and now I do not even have an opportunity to check for them.

    And what is weird is that Mark told me that there is a problem with it that he is working on. Now I'm just confused.

    I'm never satisfied, this is probably my problem, but if and when things like this change, it would be nice if the staff would explain what's happening.

    By the way, raincoaster, there isn't anything metaphorical about my avatar. My name is Brent Roos, and some of my friends call me Rooster, and have since I was a kid. That's all there is to that. It's a visual symbol of my nickname.

  30. Not an issue: I was referring to the other commenters and the temptation to make a bawdy metaphor, which isn't an impulse I generally resist; nothing personal.

    Check your Akismet file again; I suddenly have over a thousand comments in there, whereas a few hours ago I had none.

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