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  1. masterclasslady

    I am experiencing an unbelievable amount of SPAM traffic today and, in many instances, AKISMET is not catching them. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Between my Theme Preview problems, the lengthy update time frame and now the SPAM issue, I am ready to pull my hair out!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. masterclasslady

    Sorry - did not mean to capitalize the topic title.

  3. Was the spam you reported already in your spam folder?

    If so, Akismet caught it.

  4. masterclasslady

    Yes - but about 10 or so got through to my comments section. And I have received so many today - crazy! Like 50 in an hour

  5. Yes there's a lot of spam around today. As long as it's going to your spam folder automatically, Akismet is doing its job. You can just click the Delete All Spam button to get rid of it.

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