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Spam traffic

  1. Doesn't Akismet delete some comments without going to the "check me file"?
    Also, if you have words or IP addresses set up to be blocked, then won't Akismet just delete
    comments with those attributes right away?
    Since Akismet is always on, I have only twice been able to check the spam file to ensure that
    no real comments are being deleted. Infact I singed in one day, ten comments in SPam. I looked around the forum for 1 hour, then went back to veiw the Spam.... all gone.... Why? They were not thirty days old, but at most 2 days old. Where did they go and why could I no longer view them?
    Also, if the 30 day rule applies and I have never been away from accessing my account for 30 days, then why can I never see the Spam?
    It is all very strange and makes me wonder. I don't get the same amount of Spam as raincoaster *whew**smile*, but I would still like to see the Spam to ensure accuracy.

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