Spam: What increases it?

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    I just wanted to ask all you regulars who know much more than I do, what causes an increased amount of spam on blogs? I appreciate dearly our spam filter, Akismet. Thank goodness for it because I’m getting about 10 new spams a day. Why is that?


    Simply put, the longer your blog is in existence, the more posts you make, and the more links there are to your blog from other sites, the more likely some of the spambots and such are going to find you.

    At least that’s my take on it.


    Many bloggers with high traffic blogs get pages and pages of spam to delete every day so deleting just 10 is actually not much of an effort in comparison. And the blame for increases in spam ought to be placed on the spammers who send the bots out. Just take a look at this graph. 93% of all comments received are actually spam


    Wow, 93%? I need to buy Akismet a beer (or a latte) for doing such a good job.



    Gee, me too sacred!
    Thanks for the information. And now my spam just keeps increasing. Maybe that’s kind of a good thing according to what thistime said.


    The spam load is HUGE which is why I’m glad we have Akismet. And I wish you all the best when it comes to becoming a popular blogger with more spam to clear …:P

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