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    I’m being hit with a suspicious amount of gobbly-gook-odd-characters spam today. So far 130 of them (all requiring approval to post or going straight into the spam folder). Is there any way I can stop this onslaught? Should I make it private for the rest of the day, and maybe they’ll go away? Not sure what to do.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @miskmask

    •You can control whether comments are automatically approved or if they need to be reviewed before they are published.

    • You can add rules for comment moderation to control which comments get marked as pending.

    • You can add rules to the comment blacklist section to automatically mark some comments as spam.

    • If you turn on email notifications, then you can watch those messages for spam and delete them quickly if you find any that get through the comment spam filter.

    Quoted from:

    Also, this support guide might help too:

    Let us know if these help. Thanks! 🙂



    Hi there, just to add to what @otpidusprime has mentioned, other users have reported this as well but about a week or so ago.

    What is important is that if those spam comments are in your Spam folder, then Akismet is doing its job. Any comment in the spam folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days or when you hit the Empty Spam button.

    However, if you find those comments in your Pending approval folder, please mark those comments as spam and not delete them. Marking them as spam teaches Akismet to recognize them and will begin to send them automatically to the spam folder in the future. Thanks.

    If you want to read one of the earlier forum threads, this is a good one:



    Thank you @justjennifer and @otpidusprime for your assistance. None are being posted publicly, as I have options set to prevent this, and the ones not caught my Akismet are “pending” and I can deal with them. I’m just surprised that this happened en-masse as I’ve not experienced this before. Some spam, yes; not like this though. My WordPress app is binging me constantly today. I’ll check into the blacklist section info and see if that can help at all. Again, thanks for your replies and assistance.



    You’re most welcome. The best thing is to mark any spam as spam if it’s found its way into your Pending folder. That way Akismet learns and we all benefit from the result. Blacklisting a comment doesn’t do that. Best wishes.


    @miskmask you’re welcome. 😇

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