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Spammers & Hand Holders

  1. I honestly get a thrill out of helping another person, on the forums. If I don't know the answer, I wait for more experienced volunteers or staff to answer. I read what they say, so that I can help the next person who may ask a similar question. BUT, 2 things have been irking me:

    1. Spammers - It seems to be more and more common. Some out-and-out spam. Others hide their spam in what appears to be a support question.
    2. People who want their hand held - Some seem to post 3,4,5, or 6 support questions a day. It's as if they don't even stop to think for themselves; because they know there's a world of volunteers, waiting on their every need.

    Anyhow, just venting a little. I love participating in the forums. But some days it seems like a lot of the 2 things stated above!

  2. Hi diamond -
    I couldn't agree more.
    Thinking is going out of fashion, and so is a teeny-weeny bit of research.
    Google is your friend. I am sometimes tempted to use the not-so-nice RTFM (read the f**#ing manual). Such is the information highway...
    I like participating too, and there's a good bunch of good people here, I learn a lot.

  3. Hello diamond,

    I agree 100% I like to help others as well I also learn new things
    by surfing the forum.... :)

    I have noticed lately that there has been more spam... :(

    The one that irks me the most is the people that need
    there hand held like there to lazy to search for the
    information instead they pefer someone else to do
    it for them and then they don't like the answer they
    give them... [Rant done sorry....]

    Here is a example of were there person
    could of did a search instead of posting...
    Link » Photo Gallery


  4. I don't mind the hand-holding too much--the search feature is screwy, and some people are just naturally oriented towards seeking human contact.

    It's the crazy *urgency* I find annoying.

    OMG Helppp1!!!!
    My bloog is messed up!!!
    Saaaaave ME!
    [anything in all caps]

    Cripes, People. It's a freakin' blog. Yeah, it can be irritating, but back away from the computer a bit.

  5. LOL @ Membracid

  6. dead on, membracid!

  7. I recently made the mistake of refering to a troll as a clever spammer. It was meant to be sarcastic. He then decided to spam every thread on the forum, until all his comments were removed and my dumb comment was removed.

    so i am learning to ignore these guys, in hopes of denying them the gratification of attention.

  8. I'm so, so totally with you on #2 there. They annoy me no end and I often just say "Have you tried searching the forums? I am pretty sure the answer is out there" and then they get pissed off because it makes them look dumb.

    Well, YES.

  9. Hate to sound like the old fart I'm getting to be, but it's a product of the medium. Before the Internet, if you needed information you had to first learn how to find it, then go find it. Time-consuming, but at least you learned how to find things, and got better at it.

    Why doesn't that happen on the Internet? Because people are used to simply dropping a question on a forum, sitting back and waiting for the answers to roll in. While that might be a quick way to get info and tips you might not have found in a library, you learn squat about how to find things that aren't on the Internet. And you get so lazy, you don't even bother to learn how to properly search online.

  10. Some people just born to be assholes with nut-sized brain, I guess.

    ' Ah, mind not the words of an ape ....... '

  11. Yeah, but now we're seeing if we leave them too long, they bump their threads. What is this, a Cory Haim fansite> JEEZUS!

  12. If you see a spam thread started pleae just give it the modlook tag - we will then delete that thread. I check them from about 9am here in the UK and the tag is looked for several times a day. Pretty soon they will be checked frequently 24/7.

  13. Happy days. Thanks, mark, I didn't know that. It is always better to do something, even if it is slight, than to seethe in annoyed silence. I feel better already.

  14. Modlook when:
    - someone posts spam
    - someone posts abuse
    - email addresses are in posts
    - a post full of code
    - someone just plain spamming lots of threads
    - when a post belongs in another forum (usually off-topic)

    We want the forums to stay constructive and a decent place to read and help if you want so we will remove junk as soon as we find it.

    If you are curious, the tag
    the feed for that tag

  15. Abuse? Dammit, there go half my posts!

  16. I hate threads that state nothing other than something like

    I'm new
    Check my blog

    If forum threads were of papers, I would tear apart and crumple those 'checkmyshit' threads and burn them. Ash to ash, dust to dust.

  17. Thanks for the tip on modlook. I'd seen that before and now it makes sense, "Moderator take a look." But I never put 2 and 2 together. Thanks

  18. Ayyy ... Ewww ... anybody checked a new blog in town thread somewhere in the off topic forum lately? :)( <--annoying smiley

  19. @babaliciou5

    You should check out the comment I left below yours in that thread

  20. hey, checkmyshit is still available!

  21. LMFAO

    laugh my f*¤kin ass off

  22. lettershometoyou - you're right. I am a mature going on old student, and see it all the time. The funny yet disturbing thing is that I can tell my fellow students tall tales, and they'll belive practically anything ... where have the sceptisism of old farts gone!?

  23. @ boblet. I'm still skeptical, but it isn't easily conveyed through a keyboard. One can't see my raised eyebrows or cursing at the screen, "Bull-fucking-shit!" :lol:

  24. Good schtuff, diamond. I will trust you not to believe a single thing I say from here on - it would make me feel there's hope in this world.

  25. I've largely given up helping people as I find myself giving in to temptation and feeding a line to the hordes of MZBs that are circling out there.

  26. what? mutant zombie bikers?

  27. Wo0t?!?

  28. MZB = Mad Zombie Blogs

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