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    I’ve just recently started a blog and noticed a comment on one of the forums about spam. Could someone let me know how I tell if “followers” are legitimate or not? I’m not sure what I am supposed to be looking for. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    When it comes to Followers, there’s really no way other than to go to their blog and look at it. If it’s got paid ads on it that aren’t from or WordAds, if it consists entirely of reblogs, etc, then it’s probably a spam follow. If it always Likes your posts the instant they go up, no matter what time of day it is, it’s probably spam. But it’s hard for even experienced people to tell. Don’t report it as spam unless you’re pretty sure.



    Akismet blocks suspicious comments from wordpress blogs. I don’t think it does the same with followers. Anyway, followers can’t harm you unless they start posting spamming comments. In that case, Akismet will come to the rescue.

    You can help WordPress determine spammers for you. You may try to block certain words or phrases which you might find offensive or spammy.

    This how to do it:

    1) Go to your DASHBOARD.
    2) At the right sidebar, find the SETTINGS and click it.
    3) A dropdown menu will appear, click DISCUSSION.
    4) Just go around that page and figure out which one you can use to help your blog rid of spammers :) Pay attention to the items: he COMMENT MODERATION and COMMENT BLACKLIST.


    Thanks so much to both of you for taking the time to advise me. I have checked in to a few things and all seems well so far. Thanks again, and I really appreciate you helping me find my way around WordPress. :0)

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