spamming adsense ads on my blog, not sure how

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    I recently set up a brand new blog here. I had comments set to require admin approval right from the start. I made a single comment myself and everything was fine. I then logged out and as soon as I viewed my blog as an unlogged-in user here, a slew of Google adsense ads selling furniture showed up under my original post.
    It is at the bottom of the original post and does not appear to be in the footer region. You can see it here.

    Apparently comments themselves have nothing to do with it because I have since turned them all off and even deleted and reposted the original content and the google ads are still there.
    I am using the Koi theme here.

    It does not show up in Akismet or my blog’s dashboard because it isn’t being made by comments.

    I don’t have a Google adsense account, it is someone elses spam being inserted into my blog. I have all of my security set as tight as I can get it here.

    Here is where one of their ads ended up when I clicked on it.

    I am hoping that the long string of characters at the end of this is their affiliate Id, that way I can easily get them banned from the Adsense program.
    I have screenshots if that helps but I think you can follow the link above and see it for yourself anyway.

    Please help.


    The blog I need help with is




    thank you very much airodyssey



    You’re very welcome :-)

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