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    Within my normal amount of spam, an inordinate percentage seems to fall on one of my pages, time and time again. It seems as though spammers are specifically targeting this page. If I changed the URL of this particular post, will it have any effect on cutting the spam? I’d estimate that 75% of my spam shows up on this post, despite it’s age.


    You could give it a try. Actually edit that post and change the post slug:



    {wicked laughter} :D


    In a good mood are we?



    You bettcha. :D))


    Yeah, changing the slug was what I was thinking. I’ll give it a shot. Hope I don’t have much linking to it…


    ‘s a good thing ;-)


    A good thing unless she’s happy I’m getting spammed…


    No I’m certain that she isn’t, but we all get them. I’m so happy akismet is there to catch the bulk of them. You still have to go through them, but I seldom find a legitimate comment in mine so it’s pretty easy.



    Usually when this happens it’s because there is already a “test” comment on that post that you’ve allowed to stay. That’s from the spammer. When they see one is allowed to stay, they bombard that particular post. Trawl through all the comments and delete any that seem spam-ish, OR just close comments.

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