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Spams increase to thousands a day

  1. From yesterday to now, Akismet catched thousands of spams in my blog. Every minute tens of spams are catched at present. Can anybody help me?

  2. If Akismet is catching them, it doesn't seem like a problem. If they were getting through, that would be a real problem and something to report via Feedback.

  3. Though Akismet catches thousands of them, the other hundreds of spams are in moderation page. Therefore, to open the moderation page costs a lot of time. And before delete them, I have to check whether there are proper commends in moderation page.

  4. I wonder why it would be targetting you in particular. I haven't seen it increase overnight, even though my hits have more than doubled. Have you registered at a new blog directory or something?

    In any case, my best suggestion is to send a feedback in.

  5. THOUSANDS?? I get the usual 100-200 a day. There was a couple of weeks of just getting less than 50 a day. Then it went back up to 100-200 a day.

  6. I'm actually getting less and less, today it caught only around 30.

  7. In fact, before yesterday, the spams in my blog are tens per day. But now, tens per minute. After I posted this help, more than 1000 spams were catched.

    As is block by Chinese government, the hits of my blog are less than 10 every day. I didn't regester new blog directory. I don't know why the spams suddenly increase.

    Note added: All spams begin with "I’m agree with you, i think…".

  8. I see 43 in Akismet, 2 in moderation.
    It's all slowed?

  9. I have deleted more than 1000 in last 6 hours. Mark, now I find the spams are 63 in Akismet, 5 in moderation. Therefore, in few minetes, more than 30 spams are catched.

  10. I've had the same problem since about a week now, catching about 300 spam a day and about 50 in moderation. I found out that it was all targetted at an older post, so I just deleted it and now it's actually less.

  11. Sounds like it's working for me. The comments in moderation are there because Akismet couldn't decide if they were spam or not and left them for you to make sure. I do hope that you're marking them as spam and sending them in so that the system learns. if you're not, you're just making a bigger problem.

  12. Besides the solutions, it's impossible to ignore the huge increase in spam attacks on

  13. May want to look at the stats page:

    Note that's for all formats, not just

  14. yea, i've seen the graph, nice! but isn't it possible that spammers target a specific blog host?

  15. *shrug* They maybe but considering a lot of them are now using zombied PCs scatered around the net, there's probably little that can be done to block them.

    Reported three of them yesterday in the computer lab I was in. That's what you get when you install those Free screensavers and toolbars and the like and don't keep up to date with your virus and adaware scans.

  16. Spams continuely attack my blog these days. I have deleted more than 8000 spams since my last reply. Yes, I can delete them. However, if I check spams every 4 day, I have to face thousands of spams in moderation.

    I found that all the spams start with "I’m agree with you, i think…". So I think they were done by one group of spammers.

  17. Probably more like one software program. I'm still trying to figure out why pressing one "Delete All" button is a concern though.

  18. It's the looking through them to make sure the genuine replies are de-marked as spam first..otherwise you're having to throw the baby out with the bathwater, the higher the number to go through, the more chance your eyes will get tired and miss a genuine reply.

    It did occur to me, although this may be suited to a different thread or different forum, but I noticed a heap of Rolex spam coming from one IP. Wouldn't it be a nice idea if there was a place on WordPress where the members could post those spam, and their IP address....if the administrators running the servers agree they are spam, to simply block the offending IP addresses?

    That way it'd slow down the spam flooding the members, as previously mentioned, blocking an IP affects ALL our blogs.

  19. -1 on that idea. Too easy to fake plus there's too many IP addresses out there. I can understand where you're coming from.

    Usually if you see a flood, contacting the abuse address of that IP address will do some good. Feel free to post it here if you or anyone else needs help with a lookup.

  20. drmike,the “delete all" button can only be used in Akismet. In moderation page, I have to wait a long time before listing hundreds of spams. As dirkgently said, I am tired to check which are genuine replies in moderation page.

    The spams contain the URL like this: ******
    So I think it is easy to block the spams.

    ps: askimet has caught 218,451 spam for me. Oh, the number is terrible!

  21. I also noticed a sneaky tactic too, sparked by something I read in the forums. Spammers know that many who moderate set it to "automatically allow after first accepted post" their first post is a bland "nice blog" type of comment, knowing it looks and appears innocent......until the wave of spam that follows through afterwards already pre-allowed. This prompted me to moderate EVERY comment, no matter if the person was allowed before or not. I also delete all bland "nice blog" type comments if the URL looks suspicious.

  22. Those should be getting caught. The "hello" or "nice blog" posts are generally spam, especially if they have no URL: those are test posts for the spam to come.

  23. I politely point you to the "Mark all as..." links at the bottom of the Moderation page along with the Bulk Moderate Button. If you're marking them all one by one, your missing that link.

  24. I wonder...if you set your commenting to the tightest security possible if you can cut way back on the comment spam...I have done that since day one and my spam is very very low. Even back during that big spike on the Askimet graph in March of 2007 I only got like 3 or 4 spam comments from some online casino/gambling sites.

    Of course my blog's not in the top 100,000 so that could count for something :)

  25. One question, is the same happening at your mirror site
    Also you shouldn't publish your email address!!

  26. This helps with finding valid spam in the Akismet spam bin:

    I've been trying turning off comments on old posts... that's brought my daily spam down from 1000+ to a few hundred.

  27. hunterseeker, my mirror site is OK, nearly no spam.

    egtech, I have done as you did: turing off comments on old posts. Now, my blog is not affected by spams. The daily spams down to near zero.

  28. I'm still getting over 100 spams a day... but at least that is manageable.

  29. Just a note on this topic. Turning off comments on old posts doesn't always work. And it may hurt your blog. Comment spammers can slam a post within seconds of publishing.

    To speed up the process of checking for false/positives in Akismet, use the search on the Akismet panel. Type in the keyword(s), one at a time, most commonly found on your blog and in your blog posts. For example, on my blog it's wordpress, plugins, lorelle, help, tips, advice, and spam. I also include variations as people commonly misspell "word press" and "plug-ins" and my name. So I hunt for "press" and "plug", though the latter takes longer to go through as that seems to be a sex word. ;-)

    I get thousands a day caught by Akismet, and rarely do I have to mess around with many that get through. If a group does, then I use the Mass Edit Mode to quickly remove them. Check the checkbox next to NAME on the Mass Edit Mode panel to check ALL the boxes, then scroll down the list to uncheck any good comments. Click "MARK AS SPAM" and go onto the next page. It's fast and easy.

    Marking these as spam helps Akismet learn, and when it learns, we all benefit and our comment spam problems become less as Akismet works harder. Don't delete the comment spam in your comments. Delete them after Akismet marks them as comment spam.

    And I adore Engtech's Greasemonkey Comment Spam script. It's brilliant and saves me a lot of time. I highly recommend it.

    Comment spam comes from humans, and from machines, all following incoming links. If your blog is really that unpopular, check with who is linking to you. They might be candy for comment spammers, leading them right to you. That's how comment spammers have found many of my blogs, just following from a popular blog to a lessor one and then adding them to their list.

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