Spams leaking through Akismet

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    suddenly these days i receive comments waiting in the approval queue almost everyday, which is not normal. And the comments which are waiting are spam. Like they have texts completely unrelated to the topic which it is replied to, and more generally they have a generic language and can go into any topic’s reply, and contains links to sites, like full computer scanning, gifts, weight loss, and etc ad sites.
    I think the developers need to keep an eye on the spam stuff, and make Akismet uptodate.
    Although i am not having much trouble, because i have a very few commenters, and relatively few spam comments, but others with huge readers might start facing problems marking the spams.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve been getting hundreds of spams on my wordpress.ORG install every day and Defensio catches them all. Every weekend the spam load increases won both my install and on my wordpress.COM blog.

    Lately humans are being hired to create even more spam. remarkably I see newbies who are desperate for comments posting spam!

    Have you read Jonathan Bailey’s – Not Good: Human Spam And Dumb Bloggers Are Killing Comments And Trackbacks?
    Ate of Web Spam



    I think Human-posted spam and Autoblog pingback spam is the most i face, and which bypasses Akismet and get into the queue, which i have to mark as spam. but Akismet does a great job by blocking thousands of spams on my place. But i am sure i have mistaken some spam pingbacks as actual pingbacks and allowed them. I will get rid of them as soon as possible.

    I read post on your blog @timethief . Very valuable post in understanding spam and genuine comments, and how to handle them.

    So i hope its all okay at the Akismet end .



    “I think the developers need to keep an eye on the spam stuff, and make Akismet uptodate.”

    We do, and it is.

    Did you use the Spam button to report them as spam? Can you contact Akismet support with examples please? (date, time, email, IP at a minimum). I see no recent spam or ham reports from your blog.



    I have just now gone through all the old comments in my blog, and after checking the links and the email addreses of the comment posters, marked them spam.
    Some of the recent spams in the queue i have deleted instead of marking them as spam, next time i would make sure i mark them as spam instead of deleting them.

    I will take a more detailed look at the comments which look like spam in future.

    And for Akismet and , you are doing great job, and probably this is the best blogging service.



    I would have to agree, the Akismet is a wonderful tool. It filters most of the spam comments. The very few that it misses is usually not a problem to manually verify and delete if necessary.



    You can set your queue …to keep those spam entries caught by Akismet..for a certain amount of time can’t you? I remember doing that sometime back…but, I have NEVER had a spam slip past the Akismet catcher which I call the Spam Slammer. But, I did set mine to hold them longer.. so that I could check them out…lot’s of viral stuff in some of them.


    I personally have had Akismet fail, but only once or twice. Every once in a while I get a spammer, who must be a human who just posts saying “hello” and links it to a website. I also had a week long, treacherous experience with a WP blogger spamming my blog. Obviously, Akismet did not pick that one up.



    Over the course of 2 1/2 years Akimet has caught 10,529 spams caught, 1,738 legitimate comments, and an overall accuracy rate of 99.152%. That’s why I find it amazing that threads like these support threads go on and on.

    Akismet works. You may have a few false positives. If you have question and/or concerns then you can post them here >



    okay, it is done, i have got the answer, i though that there might be any problem with the Akismet system, so i made this post, and now it is okay, as they were some missed ones, that does not bother me, as the huge tanker of spams are blocked.


    The one thing to remember is that spammers are continually changing tactics and creating new emails and services in an attempt to at least temporarily get past spam filters. This happens from time to time where spams will get through, and that is why it is important to mark them as spam so that akismet and the other services can learn and block them.

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