Span of test on Just Desserts way too wide.

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    When I previewed Just Desserts before I purchased it, the span of text seemed a lot narrowe.. I have reduced the size of the font because it was huge and looked crazy. But now the text span is way too wide. How do I narrow the span of text width without increasing the font size? I would like about 600 wide. Thanks
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    I checked the Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page in your blog, and your settings actually show that you increased the size of the text, you didn’t reduce it. Also, different fonts just have different properties and may not look good in all cases. For example, I think Raleway is better for headings compared to body text, and you have used it for body text.

    I would recommend trying a different font and font size setting at Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts in your blog dashboard as a first step. If you need any help picking, reply back and let us know what you’re looking for! Maybe a font lover out there can make a recommendation.

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