Spate of spam comments.Have I done something stupid?

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    Today morning I found 98 spam comments.The wording is similar,same grammatical errors,etc.etc.Normally I’d be lucky to get even one comment,spam or otherwise.Is there something stupid I have done recently to invite such attention?

    The blog I need help with is



    Probably not. Since it was basically the same message, it was probably just one spammer who found your site and went nuts on it. Just make sure they go to spam and you’re good.

    Increased spam can be a sign that you’re getting more popular, so congratulations!



    I normally get two or three a day. The other month I was getting hundreds a day. Now it’s normal again.


    raincoaster all the spam comments were caught by Akismet.Glad to know the problem is not serious.Ya popular might be nice but not popular with spammers!


    darrahford hope my experience too becomes similar to yours.


    I’ve had a week with virtually no spam (you will learn that that is when you think you have done something stupid), but today they resumed their assault and I have nearly 200. That must mean I’m popular again.


    thesacredpath what a way to measure popularity! but I’m learning…..Thanks for your reply.



    I’ve recently picked up over 2000 spam comments. The comments are of the trackback variety in the related blogs area of robo blog sites. So the reason in my case would be a high rating for the type of search used by the plug in they are using. Many times it is a search for a adjective – in this latest round I am guessing the word was “width”

    Being scrapped may not be a bad thing in small numbers as it keeps a site appearing but I worry about high numbers. As to many may reflect badly on the site even though it should not.

    Akismet also helpped me clean up the mess – had to hit “check for spam” on the bottom of the comments page. Thank you Akismet without which I would no longer be able to use comments if somebody wanted to comment.



    Every weekend the wave of spam crests. I also had a slough of spam this morning and Akismet caught it all. It caught even the human generated spam which made me smile broadly. Akismet rocks!

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