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Special characters in the title equals invalid URL?

  1. When creating a title for my posts I used Japanese brackets like these:『 』
    The corresponding link of this post is generated using the name of the title, but because I've used these 'special characters' in the title, often when I post a link to the actual posting it will result in an error (because of the special characters I used), furthermore, I can't submit these links in sites as Digg or StumbleUpon.

    What can I do?
    (obviously apart from changing the title of a post without『 』)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Using this for example『classifying-de-tango』/

    Have you tried making the title "Classifying de Tango" until the permalink saves,
    then adding the 『 』marks.

    Readers will see the title as you want them to, but the links won't be rejected by Digg or StumbleUpon.

  3. OMG that was so simple! I didn't know the permalink is final as soon as you create a post. Adding the 『 』afterwards worked perfectly, thanks a million!!

    About the Digg site, when adding a new link, having marks like 『 』in de URL somehow wouldn't be accepted en results in an invalid URL. But now with your trick adding them afterwards solves the problem! :)

  4. Great! Glad that worked for you.
    It's like having your cake (『 』)
    and eating it (『 』), too.

  5. I didn't knew you had a Japanese cooking blog (what a coincidence, my blog is about japanese haha), I LOVE Japanese food! Let's exchange links! Im adding you to my blogroll for myself hehe :)

  6. Sure!

  7. BTW, what does chokochoko mean?

  8. Great!
    chokochoko in Japanese is the 'sound' of crawling/scurrying like bugs do :)
    I know, but it has a purpose haha

  9. I see:

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