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    If you look at my page “Published Works” I have tried to update it and it’s not easy. Originally I had the format in an excel style as still can be seen on the “Poetry” page. But…I cannot up date the poetry page the way it is. I can’t insert, I can’t really even delete and I certainly can’t load in the same format again. I’ve tried. In fact I had to redo the Published Works page from scratch.

    I then copied my excel sheet into Word and what is now up at the “Published Works” page is the best I got. But it took a lot of fiddling and squeezing the page smaller than the formatting window shown. That’s extremely frustrating.

    As well, if you look at my Awards/Nominations page I also cannot update that one the same way, which is just with bullets. I can’t tab in and you’ll see the first two entries are spaced differently than the rest.

    Is there no hope here but having to put this into the simplest Word format possible? Is there a better theme for such things? Or should I just hit my head against the wall because it’s easier? :(
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    The best advice I can give you is to use an offline editor (like Windows Live Writer) to edit those pages.

    Copying and pasting from Word is unwieldy at best, and we can’t guarantee that the post will appear in your blog the same way it appears in Word.

    Windows Live Writer has some really nifty functions, one of which is easy tables, which you could use for your poetry and published works pages. If you are going to be posting that sort of content, I highly recommend using it.

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