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Special Formula

  1. The special formula used in ranking top posts baffles me.

    At post time a random selection of my blog statistics show:

    Daniela Cicarelli Video - 1182 hits
    Indon Sex Scandal - 67 hits
    Hiren's BootCD 8.7 - 24 hits

    In Top Posts only Hiren's BootCD 8.7 is listed at No: 70.

    There is no mention of the other 2.

    Could someone explain. Not that I care for the rankings of my posts but the system baffles me.

  2. This is all the information we have been provided
    and on a related point
    You can use the forum search box to complete your research. There you will find links to the relevant post by andy about randomization that was inserted into the formula.

  3. That system baffles all of us, but one thing I've learned is that there's a delay on it of at least 12 hours, so it relates better to what your stats were a day ago than to what they are today.

  4. First I've heard about a 12 hour delay. I thought it was 4 hours.

    Although I've been told by staff many times it's updated every hour. They tell me that when I tell them of a spblog I find on one of those lists.

  5. It's gotten "stuck" before on updates.

    re: first poster

    It only takes recent posts into account. If your post is older than 1-2 months then it won't be included in the top posts algorithm. Otherwise top blogs would be feature "older" blogs most of the time.

  6. Yes... I've got a similar situation. My blog, got around 700 to 1800 visitors(?) a day is not mentioned at all in the top 100. While lowest blogs got into the stat :)
    Well, I don't really care ... but there's something wrong in the algorithm, I think. Since the algorithm is proprietary, there's nothing we can do about it.

  7. Um, what makes you think 1800 hits would put you on the top 100? :)

    And how do you know those other blogs have less hits?

  8. Not likely that 700-1800 would consistently get you in to the top 100. But it's obvious you DO care.

  9. I think it's weird. Now today there's the #2 on Top Blog, the site is very new started just this month and now it's on the #2?

  10. Sometimes when a blog is attached to an already known static website or celebrity it goes big right away. "Check out our new blog" etc.

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