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Special System

  1. I would like to know if i can use this system: in my wordpress blog.
    i saw that i can insert a text box on menu, it accepts html codes?

    please i would like to have stats like this one:


  2. Yes, you can have a clustrmap on your blog. You simply register and place the text into a text widget in your sidebar. And I see that you have already done this.

    WordPress has an excellent statistical program that comes with your free blog. As you have been here for 5 months I'm sure you must have noticed it. But you can also have other counters too

    I clicked on your username and discovered it was linked to another blog stating the wrong url for your blog here at The correct url is

  3. Marked as resolved since TT says it's been added to your blog. If there's still an issue, please let us know the code that you're trying to add in and we'll see what's up with it.


  4. yeah i tried all yesterday, then i did!
    thanks for help!

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