Spectrum theme: How to dropdown-menu for child pages?

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    Hello fellows out there!

    WordPress is providing a huge variety of quality themes.
    I tried to figure out if it is possible for the Spectrum theme to have child pages appear as dropdown menu in the header – is this possible?

    Maybe I just missed the right setup. I don’t mean the pages-widget in the vertical menus. That is working right but a dropdown on the top would be really great… and up to date.

    Thanks for replies!


    The blog I need help with is spirituallyilliterate.wordpress.com.



    Spectrum does indeed support drop-down menus in the top navigation. To enable them, add a Custom Menu with more than one level of links. Learn more about menus: http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/

    You can see a sample menu with Spectrum in action here: http://spectrumdemo.wordpress.com/.



    Dropdowns to child pages from parent pages are not currently a feature of the Spectrum theme. If you would like to make that suggestion directly to Staff here’s the link. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    DRAT! I spoke too soon. I just found that out on my test blog. So sorry. :(


    To clarify: By now, all themes that feature a top nav menu support dropowns if you replace their standard menu with a custom one. But only some of those themes support dropowns in their standard menu, and Spectrum isn’t one of them.


    Awesome – Thanks for your replies!



    Would there be any reason why Spectrum would not support a dropdown-menu for a self hosted WordPress site? I see that it works fine on the sample site http://spectrumdemo.wordpress.com/

    But at http://setonyouthministry.org the drop downs are not working properly.

    I see the following message under “theme locations” in the “Menus” screen:
    “The current theme does not natively support menus, but you can use the “Custom Menu” widget to add any menus you create here to the theme’s sidebar.”

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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