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    I just selected the Spectrum theme for my blog and as everything else looks GREAT, I noticed that with “my recent posts” in the sidebar widget, the titles of the posts are cut off. My link widgets do not appear that way. I didn’t see an option to change font, etc. I am seeing this in both Explorer and Firefox browsers. Is this just a bug with the theme or is there a workaround?

    Also, the “search” ribbon does not appear for the search widget like it should as shown on http://spectrum-theme.com/. It just shows the search box, but no “search” title box/ribbon like the others. I have removed it from my page since readers had no idea what it was.

    Any help is MUCH appreciated. My wordpress site is http://resumesrightaway.wordpress.com/.

    The blog I need help with is resumesrightaway.wordpress.com.


    That is a bug in the theme. It happens in Safari and Opera as well.

    I’ll tag this thread for staff attention, but I would also suggest sending this issue directly into staff at http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ .


    Thank you for your quick response! I have contacted support for further information.


    If you think of it, when they tell you they have it fixed, post back here so everyone will know.

    And you are welcome.


    The Search widget, however, is ok: you just have to type ‘Search” or another title yourself then click Save.


    It seems that now the date and title within the “title ribbons” run together (this wasn’t happening last week). I’ve reported these problems to the staff, but have not received a response. Any thoughts??


    All –

    I went back into each post, re-typed each title, and clicked “Updated”. It seems that the recent posts in the sidebar are appearing fine for now. If I hear anything else from the WordPress staff, I will be sure to follow up with an update.


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