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    Hello, I have copied my stories onto new pages on my blog site, but all the speach lines in my copied stories now appear on a seperate line with a space above and below. And the tab button space that should be present does not appear – the speach starts at the side of the page. Do you know how to fix this so that speech appears as it would in a book? I have tried editing but it just goes back to how it was/is after updating.

    My sories are on http://www.michaelgorefiction.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is michaelgorefiction.wordpress.com.




    a) That’s because each line is formatted as a separate paragraph. You can switch the editor to HTML and delete the extra blank lines. For future posts or pages, copy into the HTML editor, not the Visual.

    b) An editor for the web doesn’t understand “tab button space”. You mean you want to indent the quotes? First-line indent only or the whole quote?


    Thanks, yes I have now managed to get rid of the gaps in between lines by switching to HTML. But I can’t get the speech to indent with tab button. I want just the begining of the speech, the first line to be indented. I have tried using space bar to manually indent but it doesn’t work.


    No, multiple spaces aren’t accepted either. To indent the beginnings you prefer, enclose the first word in this code (in the HTML editor, of course):
    <span style="margin-left:28px;">WORD HERE</span>
    You can change the number to adjust the amount of indentation.


    thanks, I just tried that but the code appears on the page when viewed on my blog.


    forget my last post I was copying from my email account not the link you gave in this forum. But now I can’t get the code to appear in the correct place – it teleports to the end of the speech line or splits a random word, I can’t get it to appear at the front of the speech line. If you know what I mean


    No I’ve done it!!!!! You have to copy the code you gave on the end of the above line. THANKS


    No I can’t get it to work now – the code seems to appear in random locations when I press copy


    Ok I am just going to leave things the way they were. Seems a bit odd that I can’t have speech appear as it should without copying and pasting codes. Is that blogging for me? Do people abuse multiple spaces or something?


    a) I can’t tell why you’re having difficulties with this. You just copypaste this (in the HTML editor) before the first word of your quote:
    <span style="margin-left:28px;">
    and copypaste or type this after that word:
    What browser and version are you using?

    b) Not a WP quirk: the web standard is no multiple spaces and no multiple blank lines.


    thanks. I did not know this was standard. It probably looks ok the way it is now and is readable :-D

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