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Speed of image slideshow

  1. thegeekanthropologist


    I wish to accelerate the speed of an image slideshow. Is it possible to do so directly from the media library? Are there other ways I can insert a faster slideshow on a page on my website?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your visitors choose to manually advance the slides at the speed they prefer and as a visually challenged person I sure wouldn't want to "see" that ability removed from them.

  3. thegeekanthropologist

    Is there another way, in that case, to create an animation with photos? I don't want to use a video, but rather a photo animation that would automatically advance on it's own.

  4. I can't help with animations. We do have themes with post sliders for featured posts with featured images. In most themes with featured post sliders visitors have to click to advance the slider to the next featured post. But some themes have a featured post slider that automatically advances: Debut, Currents, Linen, On Demand, Modularity Lite. (the first 4 are premium themes) and the last one is a free theme.

  5. @thegeekanthropologist

    You could use animated GIFs to make a slideshow. Photoshop/ImageReady can be used to make them. They must be made to the exact size you will publish them: If you try to re-size an animated GIF then it won't animate…

    Also, there are Flickr slideshows, though I'm not sure that one can control the speed of the images—I've only used them in slideshows in a text widget on my sidebar and wasn't concerned about the speed.

  6. One other note about GIF animations: they are big files, so use them sparingly and with fully optimized compressed images.

  7. thegeekanthropologist

    Thanks! That's a great idea. It's not as convenient as being able to adjust the slideshow speed but it's another good use for photoshop and something else I can learn.

    I'll give it a try!

  8. You are welcome. I hope it does what you want it to do. ≥^!^≤

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