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    You should have noticed the past day or so that things have speeded up a lot, we’ve introduced some optimizations into how we interact with the database and cache things, so enjoy!



    I noticed no more drafts! :)


    Everything is much quicker. Thank you.



    It seems to me that wordpress is running very smoothly, quickly and efficiently since the last tune-up. My thanks to those who worked hard in the backend to make this happen. You rock!


    kudos. it was getting a bit slow there. is autosave gone, or just less obtrusive?



    Superfast here!

    I also noticed by dropping K2-Lite and its CSS Customization in favor of Chris Pearson’s “Cutline” template I was able to get a front page that loads twice as fast.

    So the right template also matters when it comes to adding even more speed and zippiness!

    Autosave is here on my blog and working well.



    I blog alot while Im at work, I know I shouldnt but hey. I usualy have about 12 pages open at any one time so my Work computer runs slow at the best of times which makes blogging a slow and soul destroying process. This has now changed and WordPress now runs faster than all my other applications, even my work stuff.

    Thanks for this Matt and WP, now I can gewt my priorities in line

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