Spell Check!!!!

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    What happened to it!!!???


    seriously if they took out spell check I am going to be VERY mad as I can’t seem to find it either…. SWITCH BACK TO OLD WORDPRESS DASHBOARD OR GIVE AN OPTION TO DO SO PLEASE!



    Um it’s still there on my blog? Can you see the other buttons? It’s still the little tick with ABC on it.. on the right of it there is “toggle full screen mode” which seems to be a new feature!



    Spell check will be back — it isn’t working right now so even if the button was there it wouldn’t do much good. As soon as we fix it we’ll bring the button back.

    In the meantime, Firefox has spell-check built-in for all form fields, which is pretty darn handy.



    Oh good glad to hear it will be back. Thanks!



    As long as the spellchecker is gone I suggest reviving the noble tradition of proofreading before publishing. Your quality may even profit.



    Proofreading doesn’t help if your not sure how to spell the word period. It doesn’t matter how many times you keep reading it doesn’t changed the word spelled in correctly if you don’t know the correct spelling in the first place. Any way I see that firefox was mention having a checker but is there another way for those that doesn’t have it?


    Open your browser help and search for spellchecker and then follow the instructions for activating it. It will check your spelling as you type.



    Well, I took the spell checker gone AWOL as a chance and disabled my built in spell checker on the browser. Now I find myself typing less crap and if I am unsure I consult a dictionary.

    I agree spell checkers are an asset, but they also encourage poor spelling.

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