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spell check

  1. I am really new here and only saw the "old" dashboard a few times but where did the spell check go. That was one of my favorite features. Now I have to write in Word and copy and paste.

  2. erm if u use firefox there will be spelling checks done for u..

    just have to right click underlined words and change to the correct spelling

    hope it helps

  3. The WordPress spellchecker will be back, there was a problem with it.

  4. I suppose its already come. Yes, there was a problem with it but now I guess its back. It is working currently for me though.


  5. thediaperdiaries

    If it is working again, where is it?

  6. Someone please tell me that I am just overlooking the new spell check. I need it. Is it back and I am just missing it somehow????

  7. Buy an Oxford dictionary and keep it handy.

    Spellcheck has never worked properly for me. It always misses words -- even common words.

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