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Spell check and links WILL NOT WORK with the new dashboard

  1. I get an ERROR message when I use the spell check and a blank box when I try to put in a hyperlink.

  2. You can add a link using html, but it is a lot easier to use a window. I hope this is resolved soon.
    Also, you cannot use size three letters now.

  3. We are looking into the problem with the spell checker.

    For the links, can you right click on the link popup box and select Reload Frame?

  4. No, I can't. It's a blank box. I can't reload anything, it won't allow me to insert any text. The old dashboard did not have this problem.

  5. I am having the same problem, no spell checker and I cannot add YouTube videos either? Anyone else having this problem? Other then that I like the look of the new Dashboard, just wish it worked... is it in Beta or is this the tested model???

  6. When you leave a report saying it's not working for you please also leave information about:

    Your browser and version
    What OS you're running
    Whether or not you've performed the cookie dance (the cache-clearing move recommended above)
    A direct link to your blog.

  7. Oops, must edit my copy/paste. Cookie dance is: Clear your browser cache and cookies and do a forced reload of the page you're having issues with. If you're writing a post, save the text first of course.

  8. OK, I actually just figured out the refresh part of the linking. But, that's really annoying. Can this be corrected long-term?

  9. I expect the need to force refresh will go away as things stabilize. By tomorrow everything should be synchronized and running more smoothly. Even with the old version of WordPress, I found myself doing the cookie dance about once a month. A file in a cache gets corrupted, a cookie gets corrupted - don't know how either happens, but it does from time to time.

  10. i'm quite upset that the new dashboard does not have spell check for I am a non knowing how to spell basatard. I have to cut and paste into word to do spell check. very annoying

  11. i meant to say bastard. see? i need spell check!

  12. Spell check doesn't work? I can't even find it! Where is it so I can see if it works for me?

  13. Spell check isn't there right now, but as I understand it it will be back in a few days.

  14. I have to do all image borders, sizing, and vspace, hspace using html! The window that used to have those fields to fill in the old dashboard version is completely blank!!! Same thing with the window to create a link! What gives??

  15. jareddriskill, I nead spel chek tuo! Thanks thesacredpath for letting me know. I thought I was going blind for a moment there...

  16. PLEASE!!!!I need back the spell check option. All the other new stuff it useless if spell check on a blog site was omitted. How fast are you going to be able to fix?

  17. Spell check would be nice to get back. I went to school in California, they don't teach you how to spell there.

  18. me too!..and i went to school in NJ too

  19. LOL damn education system!

  20. *Please* heed Raincoaster's advice and include your browser and OS information and a clear description when posting about a problem. We simply cannot fix problems without more information.

  21. If you edit using Firefox, it has an automatic spell checker included--it will underline misspelled words in red, and you can right click for suggestions.

    I actually never used spell check in WP, so never missed it.

  22. I am sorry I cannot supply my OS, I don't know what it is exactly...
    Here are the details I do have:
    Microsoft Vista
    cookies cleared

    I have no capacity to insert links,insert images, or use spell-check.

    Refresh does not work to solve any of these issue.

  23. The spell checker is disabled for now because it was returning incorrect results. We'll re-enable it once we've figured out what the problem was.

    The problem with the Links feature is probably caused by a caching issue. Clearing your browser cache (after closing all windows) might help. Here's how to clear the cache in most popular browsers:

  24. 5purposedriven

    IE 7.0
    Windows XP
    Did the "clear cache dance", and the refresh page once I got the white screen.
    Then, logged in and back out of WordPress. Same results.

    Issue: Can upload pics to gallery. Cannot move them from gallery to post. Get a white screen. Tried "right click and refresh", got the same white screen.

    Thanks! Great work, team.

  25. I thought this thread was about the spell checker. Nevertheless, what version of Flash do you have? -

  26. yeah, i dont even have a spell check button and the hot key combo for spell check aint workin either.

  27. i am using safari, most recent version there is, on a macbook pro, yadda yadda...

    the formatting buttons are all missing (the "read more" button, paragraph formatting, links, any of the buttons that were pics in the old dashboard). is this going to be fixed soon, or am i going to have to start learning how to do everything html, or move to another host?

    PS, i have done the cache/cookie dance. several times.

  28. ouyang42, I checked your dashboard with Safari 3.1 and the buttons are all there.

    Cookies probably aren't relevant, but caching almost certainly is - Safari / Empty Cache is worth another try, as is shutting down and restarting Safari.

    thasquare, as posted above the spell checker is disabled while we fix it.

    Internet Explorer
    Microsoft Vista
    cookies have been cleared

    Thank you. The forum has enabled me to upload photos to my post. It was my mistake. I was not using the round, spiky "add media" icon. I was trying to use the "add image" icon.
    The photo uploading when I realised this was quick and troublefree.

    I am afraid I still cannot use the "add link" icon. I am still getting the empty box and refresh doesn't fix the problem.

  30. like i said, i have emptied my cache, several times.

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